Bimmers & Burgers

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


It’s Bimmer Boys time again… after the success of the previous Ace Cafe meet, they’ve stepped things up as you’d expect. This time the venue was at the Autoenhance/Mstyle headquarters in Romford, Essex. We head up in the project 635csi on the mission of a journey around the M25, a very boring trip, but the 6 got us there and back with no mishaps. Phew. These are my favourite kind of meets, at a traders HQ. It means there’s usually plenty of parking within the industrial estate, products to look at or buy, and food trucks. It sure beats your typical meet up in a random car park!



Bimmer Boys’ meets are always full of variation, there’s something for all BMW fans to admire. If you’re into lowered cars (like us), you’ll be happy. If you’re into high performance engine mods, you’ll be happy. It goes on…




It’s always a pleasure to see Richard’s super clean example of an E46 M3.



OZ Futura’s look stunning on E30’s, just check out this tourer.








Not something you see often, an E46 vert sitting well on M-Parallels.



I can’t forget Tallis’ E36 M3 Evo. He’s recently installed a full Airlift kit, which has it sitting as he wanted.





Today was the first time I’d seen Jas’ E38 with its new shoes, a fresh set of custom OZ Futura’s. Simply stunning, and remember.. this thing is static.





Ben’s bagged 335d on 3SDM’s was sitting pretty as usual…





The F10 M5 is a difficult car to get right when it comes to wheels, but Kav has got it spot on with a stunning set of Morr rims.



It was good to see Kevin’s E30 touring that I’d not seen since Westside last year, it’s such a clean example and sounds awesome too.




A pretty rare sight – a 1M!






This 328 was rocking a set of BBS RT’s with polished lips, great choice for any E36.






Another rare car, a white Z3M.



It was nice to get the 635 out, it needs a lot of work still, but it was cool to see people appreciating it.



How can I forget Joey’s car… the E36 I’ve been keeping an eye on throughout the build process on Instagram. On hydraulic suspension, a fresh paint job, red Vaders and BBS RS’. He’s done good, real good.





So another great success for Bimmer Boys. These guys are certainly on the up, now even with coverage in PBMW magazine. With the UK BMW scene becoming so big now, its nice to finally have some BMW oriented meets. I’m looking forward to the next one, hopefully a bit closer to home this time.. please?

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