Coffee, Doughnuts & Dubs – The Rothfink x Krispy Kreme Meet

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Firstly, please excuse me for using the word ‘dub’, but I feel it’s acceptable for the title of our latest event coverage. When I heard the guys over at Rothfink were organising a meet, I knew it would be worth checking out. They offer some of the coolest apparel in the automotive industry and I’ve been keeping an eye out on their photoshoots and videos of air-cooled Volkswagens for a while now… we’re big fans of the brand over here at Slam Sanctuary. Although the show season has pretty much come to an end, the rain decided to stay away with the sun thankfully making an appearance a few weeks ago. What else was I going to do on a Sunday evening? So I hopped in the car with a couple of mates and we made the mammoth trip from Bournemouth to Bristol. Is it wrong to say we were equally excited to visit the Krispy Kreme shop and stuff our faces with doughnuts?



For me, a photographer, the sunlight turned into an absolute dream. I was so happy to be able to shoot Matt’s stunning Beetle in this light – my car of the meet by far.



There were plenty of Rothfink decals out on display, great to see people repping Jason and the  guys from Rothfink.



Matthew Veal’s Mk4 was certainly drawing in the crowds, on air ride and BBS RF splits. One of the nicest Mk4’s I’ve come across in a while.



Having seen a few photos of this online, it was awesome to finally see it for real, the Datsun Sunny estate on Reyvern hydraulics, sitting absolutely perfectly. This should bring back a few memories for some!




I got my sugar fix by in the form of far too many doughnuts, it was totally worth it though – even if I did want to throw up afterwards.



Spotted: the Fast Car Magazine A6 Avant on Airlift Performance bags and a gorgeous set of matte silver machined Vossen CV1s, an ideal daily.








Owen Burnell’s bagged Mk3 Golf wagon was looking lovely with its Vento front end/Phase 1 grill, on a set of BBS RS splits.



Andy Ward’s Mk5 GTI was gorgeous, with its contrasting cream leather interior. Sitting on StillStatic coilover suspension and 20″ Audi rotor wheels, I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic especially in this light.



Of course a few additional shots of Matt’s Beetle were necessary…




See what I mean about dreamy conditions.. check out this bagged MK5 Golf on some incredible Powertech Disc wheels, I’ve not seen a set of these before but loved the look.





Another smart Avant, this time Ryan Flyng-Jones’ static A4 on 3SDM 0.06s.



You can’t beat Corvette Sawblades, they work so well on Dan Bills’ Vento.




James Wheatley’s murdered out E36 was looking mean, on blacked out Style 32’s and a healthy static drop.








It’s always a pleasure to see Adam Wyatt and his VIP Lexus GS430, especially when he decides to rev up that V8 under the bridge… (click here to check out his recent feature)



Personally I thought this slammed Fiat 500 looked amazing, even on the steels. It’d be nice to see every other car lowered like this.



Being a Rothfink meet, there were of course a fair share of air-cooled buses in attendance.




I was happy to see Matt Woodgate made it down in his bagged B7, so I could photograph his car in the sunset… he just so happened to pick the best parking spot EVER.





Matt Clifford made the journey down from Coventry in his stunning E31 840ci – look out for the feature coming soon to Slam Sanctuary.








I loved this diplomatic style Mercedes W108, what a beauty. A ride full of class.




Bruce Holder was certainly causing a stir in his jaw dropping and super low Land Rover 4L V8, crazy!



So, with a large amount of many people tucking up their cars for Winter already, the turnout was still impressive… with a nice mixture of air-cooled and non-VAG cars in attendance, giving everyone something cool to appreciate whilst they feasted on some of Krispy Kreme’s finest. I was also glad to say I’ve finally visited the venue, now becoming famous for the meets held there. Hopefully Slam Sanctuary will be back sometime in the near future, and I look forward to Rothfink organising another event next year. In the meantime, make sure you check out their latest line of apparel now available on their store. Cheers guys!


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