Deutsch Connection 2013

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


A few weeks back we took a look at one of the UK’s biggest German shows, Deutsch Connection, held at Turweston Aerodrome in Northampton. Having attended Players Classic the day before, we were expecting another scorching hot day, unfortunately Northampton’s weather did not play ball.


Weather aside, the venue was great, with a mix of tarmac and grass areas. Let’s take a look at what was on display on the tarmac first…





Two cars we saw previously at Players were here reppin’ RollHard.



We’re BMW fans at heart, but there’s always room for tasteful VAG motors.




In attendance were some of the best looking E36’s in the country. Check out the polished Style5s and Vader seats to compliment the ‘vert below.



Now, I’ve got to the point where I thought I hated E36 M3 Style 42 wheels, mainly because of the amount of bad replicas that can be seen so often. However on seeing this staggered set polished up on a nicely sitting E36, my mind has changed. This thing is gorgeous.



One of a handful of non-German cars that dared to turn up included an S2000. We’ll allow it.  Looking good!



One of my personal favourites of the day, a black E36 Sport sitting on bare E34/E31 M-System alloys with polished lips. We’ve seen plenty now that have run the turbine and throwing star covers, but far less without. It works.




Chris Churcher’s M3 that I convoyed up with sitting pretty on the BM Autosport stand. You should here this thing. What a monster.



The yellow paintwork on this S3 was stunning.




…And moving on to the grassy areas, this Beetle was a head turner.




A ridiculously tidy RS4 on air ride.




I only saw two E39 M5’s which was surprising, considering how good value they are becoming nowadays.



The Hartge splits really set this M5 off nicely, and the cream painted centres go spot on with the body colour.



James McCafferey’s Mk1 Polo was drawing in the crowds as always, which is not surprising as you’ll get stuck finding a Mk1 this clean anywhere.




Gaz Jones’ E46 M3 in stunning Laguna Seca blue. He has a set of coilovers to be fitted in the near future, so keep an eye out for this one – its going to be good.



Luke Meaden’s E46 330ci Clubsport with a nice drop and painted Clubsport alloys which are soon being upgraded to a set of Rota’s for a much different look.









Further along the show and up the hill I saw this bagged E46. It’s amazing how ride height and a nice set of wheels can transform even a pre-facelift car.



Dennis Cooper’s E39 ex-police touring, fitted with Hartge 19″ Classics and some tasty ICE.




Sam Nugent’s E46 fitted with a set of E39 alloys, note they are not the same fitment so some arch work has gone into making them fit, and they do suit it nicely. Sam’s stripped out the interior and is using this as a drift weapon.



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