Deutsch Connection 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull. Additional photos by Benny Rees.


Following on from Players Classic at Goodwood, last weekend also played host to this year’s Deutsch Connection, one of the most popular German car events in the UK. Like us, a lot of people ended up doing the two shows back-to-back, so we did see a lot of the cars we already saw the previous day, in addition to some new gems. The show is normally held at Turweston Aerodrome, an ideal venue, however this year things were different… the venue has moved closer to Silverstone, just opposite at ‘Dadford Fields’. We didn’t know what to expect.. until we were half an hour away and we started getting text messages saying “very muddy field, cars getting stuck..” etc. Dissapointment struck, and on arrival it was clear the venue was literally a campsite. Long grass, uneven surfaces and extremely muddy conditions with no tarmac area whatsoever. Its fair to say that a lot of people were pissed off, the amount of time that had gone into cleaning cars for the show, to have them mucked up immediately.


Anyway that’s enough ranting, the venue may have been a disappointment, but as ever the turnout was very impressive and we had a great day chatting to a lot of you. Kicking off, the first car we noticed was Muhammed’s incredible Mercedes 190E that we first saw back at Ultimate Dubs at the beginning of the year. We love it.




It has become clear that E36’s are everywhere. We haven’t got a problem with that, they’re brilliant cars. Its shows like this that allows us to see the best ones in the country, so if you’re not a fan of these BMW’s, apologies… there’s quite a few throughout the write-up!





We’ve got a lot of time for Mk1 Jettas, Adam’s is a great example.










Never have we seen so many E30 M3’s in one place!



Some cool Westy front ends on these Jettas.





It seems E21’s are also becoming very common this show season, which is not surprising as they’re one of the best shaped BMW’s in our opinion.




There wasn’t that much in favour of air-cooled.. but this Type 3 blew us away.



And this murdered out Beetle we glimpsed back at Apex Festival.







This BMW 2002tii was outstanding, having completed a full restoration.



The attention to detail is phenomenal, including factory decals in the bay.







Our favourite E36 of the show has to be Gav’s static example sitting on OZ splits.




The rear spoiler ties in the aggressive stance so perfectly.





Sukhi’s M52 swapped E30 looked great on the M-system turbines…




We’ve seen a lot of static Mini’s but not that many on air, this works really nicely.



Shaun’s Mk1 Astra sitting on a set of Gottis.





A handful of Jap cars were on display, we shot some of the highlights.




This bagged C Class was looking very classy, a perfect car for air ride.



Great to see Kat’s Z3 in person, its a mean looking machine.



Thom from FourSeasons has recently installed air ride in his E46 and we like the result!



We had to get an ass shot along with Arun’s static 46.






Great to see some newer 1-series on the scene recently.



Jamie’s bagged E36 is complimented perfectly with a set of Throwing Stars with painted centres. Just awesome.




Breyton’s never get old. A great choice for the E36…



…as well as the classic RS look.



We’ll finish off with a few rolling shots from our journey up to Silverstone…





The new venue may have been a bit of a disaster, but we still managed to enjoy our day out at DC. In the end its the cars and people that make a show what it is! Hopefully the organisers can sort something out for next year, we’ll be there either way.

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