FittedUK 2015

Location: Wetherby Racecourse
Date: 26 July 2015
Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Time for a trip up North! If you attend a lot of the shows that we do, then you’ve probably heard of FittedUK by now – you’ll usually catch them trading or promoting their show which they do extremely well. What sets them off from the rest? Well, they actually deliver with something very exciting. With a mighty successful debut show last year, they rightly decided to expand for 2015, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it was the largest show in the North. Held at Wetherby racecourse just outside of Leeds, it was quite a trek for me but I’m so glad I did it, because the Fitted lot certainly know how to host a car show! Of course, the success of any UK car show majorly relies on our pathetic weather – It all went smoothly for a good few hours until mid afternoon, when the heavens opened and we were left with torrential rain for the rest of the day – luckily it didn’t put people off and most stuck around for the prizes. One advantage of being at a racecourse – undercover seating! I’ll leave you with my photographic highlights, this is quite a long one (the show was huge) so I recommend continuing on a desktop computer or make sure your mobile device is on WIFI.


Only Charged Dubs’ up on the stage talking about their Mercedes-Benz W201 demo car


Porsche 964 on BBS LM’s


Owen Burnell’s Mk4 R32 on Air Lift suspension & Vossen CVT’s


Chris Canham’s R32-swapped Mk2 Golf on face-mounted BBS RS’s



Joe Riley’s 1972 Beetle & Aneysha Wakelin’s 1964 example


Oli Starkie’s Mk5 Golf on Air Lift suspension and Image wheels



Matt Woodgate’s bagged Audi B7 A4


Paul Hicklin’s bagged Mk6 Golf GTI on Brada BR1’s


Lea Aucott’s BMW E36 Touring on BBS RF’s



Shaun Lewis’ bagged T5 on Rotiform IND-T’s



Julian Loose’s widebody B5 Audi RS4 on RAD48 LR 2.0 wheels


Chloe Crew’s Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Schmidt TH Line’s



Wayne Simpson’s Audi R8 V10 on HP Drivetech & AccuAir suspension


Benjamin Searle’s Mk1 Golf on bullet steels


Beth Tomlinson’s Lupo on hydraulic suspension & Stance Encore’s


Bruce Gowans’ bagged BMW M135i with BTCC wide arch conversion & Brada BR1 wheels


Josh Hall’s bagged Mk6 Golf on Autostrada Modena’s


SS Autowerks’ stand featuring their Audi TT caged project car & static E36



Alex Wright’s static BMW E36 328i with overfenders & widened ACS splits


Only Charged Dubs’ Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on custom air ride & custom Mercedes Barrock splits



Wheel Unique / Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister S1’s


Ben Pollard’s static Mk1 Audi TT on stepped-up BBS RF’s


Rich Tapp’s static Nissan Skyline R32 on OZ Futura’s


Dave Mcdiarmid’s bagged BMW E46 coupe on stepped-up BBS RF’s


Evolve Automotive’s BMW F10 M5 on BC Forged NL30’s finished in Crystal Burgundy



Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5 on 21″ BC Forged HB-R5’s


Ryan Dealing’s static Mk2 Jetta on custom Snowflake splits


RIIVA Design’s Audi C7 A6 on Air Lift suspension & 21″ Rotiform CCV’s


Olly Barwell’s bagged Caddy on Rotiform TMB’s


Nick Ackroyd’s bagged Mk3 Scirocco on Rotiform CSW’s


Radioworld’s BMW E38 740i on D2 Air suspension & D2 Forged TS05 wheels


Inspired Automotive’s bagged Mk5 Golf GTI on stepped-up BBS RS’s



James Barton’s Mk1 Golf Swallowtail on Ronal Racing splits


Jake Mallinson’s static Audi A3 on 18″ VSP Type 2’s


Two 1963 Beetle’s owned by Niall Wright & Matt Rudd




Jake Kitching’s Mk2 Golf with Westy front end & OZ Turbo’s



Gurpreet Nizzar’s Mk5 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension by Only Charged Dubs & BBS RS’s




Bradley Hillsdon’s bagged Audi A4 Allroad on AccuAir & 19″ Rotiform NUE’s





Terry Settle’s bagged 1957 Lowlight Karmann Ghia on BRM’s


Andy Purcell’s bagged Mk3 Scirocco on Brada BR10’s


Guy Davis’ bagged Ford Fiesta on BBS RS’s


Max Lumb’s static Porsche 944 S2 on OZ Fittipaldi’s




Joe Addison’s BMW E92 coupe on Air Lift suspension & 18″ Style32 custom built 3pc splits



Josh Harbour’s Honda Integra Type R DC5 on 17″ Enkei RPF1’s


Tom Caffry’s bagged Mini Cooper S on 17″ WORK Seeker’s


Ben Walker’s static BMW E28 520i on OZ Breyton’s



Matt Creed’s bagged BMW E30 on 16″ WORK Meister CR01’s


Rory Hamilton’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W115 240D on BBS Mahle’s


Myles Collins’ Mk5 Golf R32 on OZ Ultraleggera HLT Centrelock wheels


Jacob Moore’s Mk1 Golf on BBS RM’s


Ryan Perkins’ 1972 Beetle on Air Lift suspension


Corbyn Dickason’s Manila Green Mk1 Golf


Stefan Edge’s static Mk3 Golf wagon on ACT’s


Amando Frijns’ 1962 Deluxe Beetle




Wayne Simpson’s Audi R8 V10 on HP Drivetech & AccuAir suspension


I Love Bass / Adam McPeake’s bagged BMW E91 Touring on Rotiform SJC’s


Abi Clarke’s Polo Coupe on Zender Phase 2 Turbos / fans


Terry Settle’s bagged 1957 Lowlight Karmann Ghia on BRM’s


There you have it, a stunning selection of VAG cars, from air-cooled bugs to brand new R8’s, in addition to a welcoming contribution of other German, Jap and more non-VAG which is great to see at a mainly Volkswagen orientated event. To top things off, there were a huge amount of trade stands taking over the centre course, along with plenty of entertainment from RC drifting to freestyle motorcross displays. Oh, I have to mention the food & drink stands too – I had the best burrito I’ve ever eaten and that’s saying something! FittedUK have basically smashed the show scene and delivered everything you could want… it’s well worth the entrance fee. Make sure you check it out next year, the date is set for Sunday 31st July 2016 – let’s hope the sunshine stays out for longer.


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