Pipey's Mk1 and That PVW Cover

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Flashback to the summer, and you’ll most likely know of this car. Pipey McGraw’s Volkswagen Mk1 Golf has had enormous coverage throughout the social media sites, which is no surprise – it’s one of the most ridiculous vehicles around, and for this reason we love it. In essence this is a VW Beetle chassis with a Mk1 Golf body, but I’ll go in to details later this year. The car is currently undergoing major changes so we’ll check back once it’s finished. You’ve probably seen the Performance VW issue with this car on the cover, shot by my friend Keith Bridle. I tagged along on the day of the shoot to capture it from my point of view. A few have been shared on Facebook and Instagram but not yet on the blog, so here they are…



Take one quiet morning in a Poole industrial estate, one stupidly low Golf, and throw in Mark from Highway Hire and his 1985 Ford Crown Victoria police car, and this is the result.



Hanging out the tailgate of a 3 series tourer isn’t that comfortable, but the end results are quite entertaining. In hindsight I wish we had filmed everything.




Check out Keith inside the Golf nailing a shot which features on the contents page of the PVW issue.



The real police actually turned up whilst we were shooting this, luckily they found it hilarious and just laughed.



Mark had all the gear, including handcuffs. Bad times for you Pipey.



Later on we swung by Royal Kustoms where Jim let us park up inside the workshop. Sorry about the scraping!



Heres Keith in his element, and the iconic cover shot.



All in all for us this was just a bit of fun, and amazingly PVW were cool enough to run with Keith’s photo for the cover. We love doing stuff like this, its not about being serious all the time!

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