The German Show 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


The German Show is one of those events that I really look forward to. From past experience I know it’s going to be a nice relaxed Sunday, and this year was no different. It’s a show where you can expect to see a lot of out-of-the-ordinary cars, including a vast selection of minters owned by the old boys who don’t often show face at the mainstream shows. Generally, it’s a popular show for the ‘OEM’ and ‘OEM+’ cars, which is nice to see every now and then. Hosted in the picturesque grounds of Beaulieu in the New Forest means there is the added luxury of the historic motor museum, Top Gear display and other attractions, if you’re into that sort of thing – even if it’s just to escape the blistering heat like we did!





Tallis has been hitting the shows hard this year, it’s always a pleasure to see his bagged E36 M3, one of the nicest in the UK for sure.




Steve Howson’s 190E Cosworth that we captured at Players Classic earlier this year made it down, what a stunning example.




We are constantly seeing more and more E21s this year!




A couple of nicely executed Mk5’s.



Check this out, a rare sight, an E12 with full kit looking glorious.



Of course we had to take our E24 along…



Alex’s E36 sitting oh so well!



This Mk2 Golf sat nicely on a set of OZ Turbos.



This E28 was one of our cars of the show, running a set of BBS RF splits.







We love to see anything and everything slammed, like this completely standard-looking B5, on the floor.



There was no sign of Nick, but his E30 M3 was there!







The Porsche turnout this year was disappointing, with less than a handful in attendance. This 911 Turbo was a stunner though.





Sharing a date with other shows like Bugjam, Uxbridge and this year’s newcomers FittedUK, meant that unfortunately the show attendance seemed down on last year, and it would appear that most cars were relatively local. That said, it still made for a great, chilled out show, and on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the scenic Beaulieu gardens, there’s no other place we’d rather be. And remember, there’s the added bonus of getting to hoon through the forest roads on the way there and back. Let’s keep this show alive, don’t miss out next year.

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