Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 1: The Road to UD

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Show season is finally here, kicking off in style with Ultimate Dubs up in Telford. This was the first time I’d been to UD, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but nonetheless I was fully stoked. Initially I thought I’d be travelling up early on the Sunday morning, but amazingly managed to get hold of a hotel room next to the venue, an ideal situation – meaning a later start and the chance for drinks on Saturday night! I decided to bring along my good friend and photographer Keith (check out his work over at Bridle Photography). He picked me up Saturday morning in his Mk3 and we set off from Bournemouth to the Midlands, or ‘up north’ as we refer to it. We are proper Southern boys, anywhere above London seems like the North to us!



A morning coffee pitstop was definitely required. The amount of McDonald’s consumed on this trip was quite plainly, ridiculous.



We were hoping to catch a few other show-goers on the journey and amazingly came across the folks over at Car Audio Security and their epic convoy.



These cars look awesome on the road!




We got up to the Midlands in good time, but instead of heading straight to the show in Telford, we made a detour to Stoke to meet up with our friend Danni who had just finished her Scirocco ready for the show.



After much waiting around for her to get back, we hit the road again. She’s done a good job with the new colour, plus the addition of a fresh set of Mercedes rims, a nice surprise to the typical 3SDMs or Rotiforms.




On arrival at the International Centre we were met by the new Players Datsun, built by the guys at Balls’d. It’s unfinished, hence the trailer, but this thing is still pretty badass!



We checked in to our hotel and then headed down to the show to help Danni prep her car for the stand. (ok, I just took photos, d’you expect me to get my hands dirty?)




We took advantage of our early access and spent the rest of the day shooting the show before the general public came in on Sunday. Make sure to check back here soon for Part 2 where we’ll take a look at the indoor show cars, which will be followed by a third post showcasing the cars outdoors, stay tuned!

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