Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 2: Indoors

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Following Part 1 of our Ultimate Dubs coverage, we’re finally indoors (slightly hungover from the previous nights antics) and ready to take a look at what’s on offer at the show season starter. Get ready for some stunning vehicles and a surprising variation from within. Luckily we were able to shoot most of the show on the Saturday afternoon, just as well, because show day on Sunday was absolutely packed with people. It was difficult to even move around at times, a tremendous turn out for the organisers.




This E63 AMG V8 biturbo Mercedes was pretty impressive with Rotiform splits and painted in a controversial taxi-esque yellow, on the Design4Automotive/AccuAir stand.



Yes, there are going to be a lot of Rotiform wheels…




I remember this car from Edition38 last year, a really well executed Mk2 Golf on Ronals that made the journey over from France.



And another from Europe, this Type 2 came over from Belgium and was a major head turner.



Unfortunately I heard these guys had some bad luck on the way home and the engine caught fire. Hope you guys manage to sort it out!




There’s a big question being asked throughout social media at the moment – isn’t UD supposed be a VAG only event? Well, there was certainly quite a large selection of non-VAG around. Personally I don’t have a problem with this, but I am biased being a BMW guy and everything… I know some people seemed to be a bit upset about it, but it’s all about variation in my opinion, so I fully support it, and it was nice to see some great motors like this bagged E21.




Amazing bit of tuck on this air ride S3, with a set of stunning Vossen rims.





It was great to see Kristof’s 911 from Belgium again, one of my personal favourite Porsche’s, now sitting on Rotiform FUCs.





Danni’s new colour definitely helping her Scirocco stand out from the crowd.




More Mercedes wheels on this cool Mk6 Golf on the Lowsocial stand.




Famous James returned with the Polo on a set of 16″ Teddys, helping him take away Wheel Whores Best Wheels and Best Polo of show.



Mark’s “Bolf” estate now rocking new paint.





The guys at RollHard had their own stand this year with some impressive cars including this Mk2 Golf.



Dan’s E46 was a favourite for many at the show, not surprising with such great fitment and a super sexy set of Breytons.









As per usual, our friends at Forge Motorsport had some awesome race cars on display!




The Milestone 71 Porsche was rocking a brave new colour for 2014. You can’t get much more eye catching than this.




Brian from Rotiform brought along this Mk2 on the Players stand. I love the aggressiveness of this car thanks to the huge dish and flares.



..and the Players Datsun we spotted on the way into the show in Part 1. Balls’d have done a fantastic job with this, looking forward to seeing it completely finished.



The Auto Finesse shop caddy was drawing in crowds throughout the day, nicely done guys.




After seeing them on the road, rolling, on the way up to the show (see Part 1), I was intrigued to see Car Audio Security‘s cars close up.



Personally I wouldn’t bag an E46 M3, but there is no denying it looks incredible, a definite OEM+ car, with a square setup of the standard 19″ wheels.




Their E92 was sitting on a super cool set of Rotiforms, with just the right amount of dish.




It’s always a relief to find some classics, like these nice examples over on the Euro Sunday stand.



The Autostrada Monza’s are a nice addition to this Jetta.




The colour coding and Porsche twists on this TT really work well.





I’m not usually the biggest fan of the newer Golfs, but this Mk7 GTI was fresh. The BBS’ and those lips set it off extremely nicely.




There’s always time for a B5 Avant.




Nick Sahota’s E30 M3 built by Studio Incar is going to divide opinions. Its on air ride. I’ll let you make your own judgement, but I think it looks stunning, and they made a great choice on the colour. Fair play for taking on the project, it’s certainly different!





This SWB Quattro was an absolute beast of a machine.




Rocking that classic Mk1 look…



Studio Incar‘s E92 was looking a bit different to when we all saw it last year!



As common as BBS LMs have become, I still think they’re awesome wheels. Especially when they are genuine like the ones on this B5 RS4. It just works.




So, a stunning selection of cars on display. Ultimate Dubs have really set the standard high for the first show of the season, especially with the acceptance of a few non-VAG cars this year. This meant there really was something for everyone to enjoy. And that’s not it, there were just as many cars outside as there were inside the halls, so check back soon for Part 3 of our coverage.

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