Ultimate Dubs 2015 – Part 3

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Welcome back, to the final part of our Ultimate Dubs 2015 coverage. What a fantastic weekend it was for everyone, catching up with friends and checking out people’s new builds. We’ve already taken you through the outside areas and two main exhibition halls, which leaves us with two remaining indoor areas, which are mostly occupied by the traders. The quality of cars keeps on getting better and better, with ridiculously high standards in every class. We’re still amazed how much money is being thrown into new builds every year. Anyway, let’s check them out… Grab a cuppa, get comfy, and enjoy…


We’ll start in the exclusive carpeted hall, always dimly lit – annoying for photographers, but the cars do look incredible under the light. The first car that grabbed our attention was Matt Glassup’s Porsche 911 (964) sitting on a mint set of widened Eta Betas with Rotiform finished centres.




Over on the ‘I Love Bass’ stand, Niall O’Dowd’s Porsche Cayman S took things to the next level, with a hydraulic suspension install and Rotiforms!



The VRS Northampton Mk7 Golf R on the StillStatic stand was looking mean, with a big brake upgrade, StillStatic coilovers and mbDESIGN wheels.



Alongside was this brutal Audi B7 A4 on a gorgeous set of 20″ Vossens.



We loved this Audi S3 on custom BBS Super RS’. Is it just us, or is there a bit of a gold wheel vibe going on this year?



Check out Clark Thurman’s bagged Mk1 Caddy on Keskin KT1s, which we first papped at last year’s Show & Glow event.




We were pretty stoked to see this, Kevve Raekelboom’s AccuAir equiped BMW E30 on the Wheel Whores stand, although the car is still a work-in-progress, it’s already looking to be an incredible build. The brown VIP Modular VXS210 wheels certainly make it stand out from the crowded E30 scene.



In Part 2, we mentioned that there are some cars that you keep seeing throughout their build process, whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook… Steven Doe’s E21 is another of these cars, so it was awesome to finally see it finished and on display. Bagged, but switching things up from the norm and opting for CCW wheels, it is one beautifully executed project.




Continuing along the Wheel Whores stand, we bumped into Adrian May’s US spec Mk3 Golf, we loved the paintwork on this along with the Corvette salad shooter wheels.



Dan Taylor’s E46 M3 was the centre of attention sitting super low on Broadway Static coilovers and a lovely set of OZ Futura splits.




Check out the new in-your-face Fatlace wrap by JD Wraps on the Players Show S14, along with a colour switch up on the awesome Rotiform TMBs.



Jamie McToldridge’s Mk1 Golf was equally eye-catching sitting alongside it…



Over on the Meguairs stand, Greg Howell’s Porsche 911 was sparkling due to his impressive paint, on KW V3 Ultra Lows + HLS 4 (Hydraulic Lift System) and 19″ BBS E88s splits.



We actually captured this last year at Ultimate Stance when the car was in a completely different state, but still cool nonetheless. Rory Hamilton has put his Mercedes W115 240D through a complete transformation over the winter, including a full respray and a beautiful set of BBS Mahle wheels which add to the car to no end.



We see it a lot, but Richie Payne’s ‘Milestone71’ Porsche 911 is one 964 we never tire of seeing. This is as close to Porsche perfection as you can get.




Never have we seen so many 964’s at one show.. We also loved this black beauty on Voodoo’s stand, demonstrating some of Elie’s split rim handiwork.



Heading over to the Radioworld stand, their Nissan GTR was certainly unique, being on D2 air suspension and a set of 20″ D2 Racing Forged OS02 wheels.



Not forgetting the E38 740i, also on D2 air suspension. We shot this back at Ultimate Stance, and it’s now rocking an Alpina splitter, amber corners and D2 Racing TS-05 wheels. One badass car.



Check out this incredible BMW M4 on the BC Forged Wheels UK / Swissvax UK stand, on H&R suspension and BC HB09 wheels in custom gloss black and BMW Sakhir Orange to match the car.




Kay Singh was along in a black E30 M3, parked up next to the M4, on a classic set of BBS RS with yes, you guessed it, gold centres! A flawless example of a truly heroic motorsport icon.



Props to the guys at Plush Automotive, for going all out on Ollie Manuello’s Audi R8. Who’d have thought AccuAir suspension and BBS magnesium E28s would look this good on a supercar.




The standard continues with this 700hp Audi RS6, again on AccuAir and HP Drivetech suspension and ADV1 wheels.



We also loved Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5, which was tucking huge 21″ BC Forged HB-R5s!




This Mk6 Golf wagon on the Dub Fiction stand caught us by surprise, sitting very nicely on air and Cast13 RB2 wheels.



Gepfeffert UK had an incredible Audi S3 on their stand which some of you may remember seeing last year with a different guise. It’s now slammed on Gepfeffert’s very own HLS 140 slam kit.




We caught up with Car Audio & Security a few weeks ago back at their ‘Caffeine & Cars’ event, but we had to of course take a couple of snaps of their rides again. Check out their Air Lift bagged Mk5 Golf on the new Rotiform SPF wheels – they go together so well.



Parm switched up the wheels on his stunning new RS4 Avant with a set of double dark tint IND-Ts. Click here to check out our coverage from the ‘Caffeine & Cars’ event for more on this car and boot install.



The copper plated Rotiform SPFs on this B7 RS4 were definitely out of this world and super cool!



So that just about finalises our round up of the year’s show starter. We had a fantastic weekend overall. Ultimate Dubs is always the busiest show and the buzz it creates is just amazing. From the quality of cars debuting here, the car community is certainly on the way to a very exciting year ahead. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on our latest car show visits. Next up is VolksWorld for a check up on the air-cooled community. Stay tuned!

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