VW Days 2018

Date: 16-17 June 2018
Location: Saint-Quentin, France
Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Once you go to VW Days, you can’t help but go back every year for the foreseeable future. Last weekend was our third year at France’s premium modified car show, and, although it is a Volkswagen show, it’s started to attract fans of other marques. Why? It’s simple really, VW Days is one of the best weekend’s a car enthusiast can experience. Once you’ve crossed over from the UK into Calais, it’s just a quick drive (under two hours) down one toll road, into Saint-Quentin. You can choose to either camp onsite at the show, or stay in the nearby hotels in the heart of the town. We recommend taking a few friends and turning it into a long weekend / mini break. Every year we are blown away by the quality of cars on display and the chilled atmosphere. Held over two days, there’s plenty of time to see everything. So, here are our highlights from the weekend…


Matt Carter’s Audi A5 on AccuAir suspension & Asphalt Dreams x MACHEINS wheels




Marco Pereira’s Audi C7 A6 Avant on AccuAir suspension & Carline CM6’s




Florian Höck’s Porsche Cayman S on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & Asphalt Dreams 5.Star Modern’s




Emir Taletovic’s BMW F80 M3 on Air Lift suspension & Vossen LC-108T’s




Jean Colaert’s Jaguar XJ300 on Air System FR suspension & WORK Equip 3-spoke’s





Joe P’e’s VW T25 pickup on hydraulic suspension & Rotiform CCV’s




Jak Johnston’s VW Mk1 Golf G40 on StillStatic/H&R suspension & Ronal Racing wheels



Jessy Morais’ bagged Volkswagen Mk2 Golf G60 on BBS RS




Stan Jalhay’s Volkswagen Mk2 Jetta on BBS E50.2’s



Tani Caglayan’s BMW F83 M4 on H&R suspension & Rotiform LAS-R’s




Joao Ferreira Reis’ Porsche 911 on OZ Futura’s



Connor Hollamby’s Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s




Johann Pasquier’s BMW E30 on Air Lift suspension & ACS Type 1’s



Olivier Bugskull’s ’65 Volkswagen Beetle



Benjamin Eddy Michel’s 1971 Volkswagen Beetle




Tiago Santos’ Volkswagen Mk3 Golf VR6 on Air Lift suspension & custom BBS RC041’s



Patrick Rodrigues’ Volkswagen Mk6 Golf R on HP Drivetech / Air Lift suspension & Rotiform YVR’s




Alexandre Galeotti’s BMW E30 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’




Florian Dmgt’s BMW E28 on A2K Air suspension & OZ Futura’s




HR Autoworks’ 1971 Volkswagen Type181 on custom air suspension & Radar wheels

@hrautoworks / @littlejakebmx


Francois Karikari’s Volkswagen Mk2 Jetta on G.A.S / Mr Airride suspension & BBS RS’




Popof Vlad’s Porsche 964 on BBS RS



Mickael Marques’ Volkswagen Mk1 Golf on BBS E50’s



I know what you’re thinking… Yes, the quality of cars was indeed incredible, so you know you need to get it in your diary for next year – trust us, you won’t be disappointed! Furthermore, if you’re a fan of nightlife, then the onsite festivities are highly recommended by many, equally, if you decide to stay in a hotel, there’s plenty going on for the three nights surrounding the show. Regrettably, some Brits went a bit too far this year… let’s calm it down guys, we don’t want this show disappearing due to the stupidity of a select few. Again, thanks to Ilce and the organisers at VW Days for being so welcoming, see you next year!





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