VW Expo at Stonor Park 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


So we’re getting well into show season already… this weekend we made our way up to the picturesque Stonor Park near Henley-on-Thames for this year’s VW Expo hosted by the Association of British VW Clubs, an independent owners club that caters for all Volkswagens, air and water-cooled. 2014 marked the 30th meeting at Stonor Park and what a turn out it was. The good weather was back on our side after our bad luck a few weeks ago at Apex Festival. I think we may have to produce some white t-shirts soon, all this sunny weather is not ideal when wearing a black Slam Sanctuary shirt all day!



I’ll start off with this stunning narrowed Beetle from the guys at RSVP, which we saw earlier this year at Volksworld.




This yellow Mk1 Golf was really tastefully done, completely stripped for the track.




Our friend Jack recently added a set of Teledials to his B2 Passat and I have to say they suit the car beautifully.



Another car spotted back at Volksworld, the amazing coachbuilt Rometsch coupe.



It was difficult to get a clear shot of this thing with the amount of people crowded around it, that patina was certainly grabbing everyone’s attention!



It was a pleasant surprise to see three different Mk1 Polo’s parked up together…






Lately we’ve seen a lot of air-cooled vehicles so it was welcoming to see things mixed up a bit at Stonor Park.



You’ll either love or hate the eye-catching “Miss Piggy”, a B5 S4 Avant on air ride. There’s no denying it is one mean machine.




This Mk1 Golf was rocking a winning colour combination.





We’re huge fans of Type 3s, lowered, messed about with or completely standard, they are hugely inspirational vehicles. This Notchback was mint, and even towing a camper van. Camping in style!






Personally I’ve never been a fan of 3SDM 0.05s. You may have noticed we don’t often publish photos of said wheels, it’s been a while since anything has really pulled them off… but in this fitment, on this Passat, I give in. They suit the car surprisingly well!



A real tidy example of a Mk2 Golf in one of the best colours…




Another of our favourite B5 Avants…





Carl’s Mk1 Caddy has been tucked up in the garage for a long time getting some much needed love, so it was awesome to see it back out at a show.





This Mk2 was sitting extremely well, the smaller wheels suit it so nicely at this ride height.



Finally, our car of the show.. many of you will have seen pictures of this car already on the internet, so it was an absolute joy to see this Audi 100 in person.



This car oozes retro, cool and class. I love the fact that its still on the original wheels, just sitting on the floor with the assistance of air ride. It’s all a classic like this needs.



With a mint interior to match. Hopefully we’ll see more of this car later on in the year.



To conclude I’ll throw in a few photos from our convoy up to Stonor… starting with the Coltech Classics Dyane.



Along with their Mk1 Jetta…



and Pod’s Wilma Wagon (a Mk4 Golf estate with Bora front end).



So that’s it for VW based shows for a while. Thanks everyone at ABVWC for having us for a great day out. Now we’re ready to hit Players Classic and Deutsch Connection this weekend! Check back soon.

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