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Westside Treffen 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Westside Treffen is famous for its chilled out atmosphere, and this year was no exception… Rolling in at 9am and the grass was freshly cut, the music was already blaring and the kebabs already on the BBQ. We could smell them whilst queuing up outside, thanks for making us hungry, guys. Great food though, and once again beats any other show in this department, hands down. These West London boys know how to put on a show. The turnout was absolutely incredible this year, looking like one of their busiest shows ever, if not the busiest. Who knows if they’ll soon outgrow the venue at Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club? Hopefully not, it’s the perfect location for the chilled vibes of Westside.



After seeing it at Players last week, this time I had a closer look at Greg Howell’s Porsche 964, which has a stunning paint job and it was no surprise that he took home ‘Best Porsche’, well deserved.




It’s been a while since I’ve snapped Carl Levy’s Mk1 Caddy so thought it was about time, looking awesome as usual.




I have a real soft spot for Matty Loveridge’s swallowtail Mk1 Golf finished in Miami Blue, a great match with the classic BBS RS splits.




Kingsley Black turned up in his bagged B5.5 Passat on Rotiform BLQs. He’s been a big supporter of Slam Sanctuary since we started, repping windscreen stickers front and rear, and taking the car all over Europe, big thanks dude. (Want a sticker? click here to hit up our store)




I’ve not seen these two parked up together yet, this was a pretty awesome sight… Nick Sahota’s E30 M3 and George Assi’s E24 635CSI.



Obviously, several shots had to be taken. You have to admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail taken with both of these stunning cars.



Nick doesn’t just own the M3, but he has quite a collection of BMWs, so it was about time he brought something else out this year.



His E30 “Chromie” on Schmidt TH-Line wheels is a bit of sleeper, keeping the 318i badge on the rear, even though is car is packing a V8 in the bay… it sounds absolutely lovely.



Finally some air-cooled content in the shape of Mark Harbour’s Beetle.




I took a liking to this bagged Audi A1, freshly wrapped since everyone saw it last at Players. It sits on a set of 18″ Ispiri CSR4 wheels.



Westside was the first time I had a chance to see Jamie Hitchcock’s latest project, his Z4 which is sitting really well, a recent upgrade from his previous E36 we’ve shot a few times in the past.



You don’t see many Z4’s at shows, so it was a pleasant surprise that Jamie parked up with another one, this fully bagged example…



Taking home the “Best BMW” trophy was Ben Anson with his beautiful E21.



That colour, those Schmidt wheels, the stance. He’s done justice on what a classic shark should look like.



Strangely I am finding more and more cars these days that are suiting 3SDM wheels. I think it must be because they are *finally* not as popular as they used to be and they’re not just being put on every other car. They really looked good on this bagged Mk3 Golf with US spec bumpers.



I also loved this TFSI swapped Mk3 on OZ Turbos.




Aron Norris’ Mk2 Golf GTI is hands down one of the meanest examples I’ve seen for a long time, really well executed which is to be expected from the RollHard roster.





I loved this red E30 318is that had a nice turbo hiding under the hood. It’s something a bit different from the usual sought upon six-pots.



And pulling off the look well too, with a set of Speedline splits and a healthy drop.



I was saddened to hear that Steve Howson has put his stunning 190E up for sale. Have a search on Ebay if you’re interested.




These two Passats were both stanced really nicely, ultimate family wagons.





Gotta love a B5, one of Audi’s best shapes in my opinion, especially in Avant form like James Manner’s and Mathew Pratt’s bagged examples.




I also absolutely loved this black saloon running Rotiform TMBs, looking super cool with colour coded centres and meaty tyres, its one mean looking machine.




Alex Wright’s E36 sits perfectly and always makes me want one every time I see it.



It doesn’t get much better than Matt Clifford’s E31 8-series.






I was a big fan of Haps Gill’s bagged R32 Golf featuring an eye-catching wrap and stepped-upped BBS RFs.



…And it was good to see Kats Giles’ new wheels out in the sunlight as opposed to being hidden away in the hangar/shadows last week at Players!



Loved the custom vinyl finish on these Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels, perfected by the guys at Vivid Vinyl.




The Design4Automotive Mercedes E63 AMG has been through many changes since we first saw it back at Ultimate Dubs at the start of the show season. Yeah, it’s been through a few different wraps, but this time they have taken it to the next level, transforming it into the 2014 model. That’s a hell of a lot of work, but looking at it now, it was definitely worth it! Opting for Vossen wheels this time in black, it’s a menacing car to say the least.



Continuing this trend of Mercedes + Vossen wheels, check out out Team SPB‘s CLS on a set of CV7s, full hydraulics and AMG brakes.






Jason Buckley’s Golf on BBS E52s is still one of my all time favourite Mk1s, it’s all just done so right.





Winner of “Best Audi” trophy went to the wide-arch RS3 on centrelocks, such a perfect all-round car.





Joey Hazell’s E36 vert on hydraulic suspension running his new BBS RF splits.



Great catching up as always with the LikeHell guys, repping here with their 350z on Work Meisters and Mini Cooper S on Carline CM6s.



It’s not often you see WatercooledIND alloys on BMWs, but I was digging this E46 saloon. It’s different from the usual BMW scene, hence I’m a fan.



The UK E36 game just keeps getting better and better, take a look at Adam Coster’s bagged SE, a welcomed change from the usual “Sport” examples most people opt for.



The fitment is spot on here with the ACS Type 1 split rims, such a classic choice that will never get old, stunning wheels.



I can’t forget Sam Ratcliffe’s badass Estoril blue E46 M3, running the OE 18″ wheels but with a square setup all round on some meaty semi slicks, uprated WP Pro Brakes and countless tasteful modifications, it must be amazing to drive.



As heavy as these wheels are, the BMW Style 121s on this Touring look great, with the fitment on point!



We’ve seen this Ford Popular at several events this season, starting with Apex at the beginning of the year. Great to see it at Westside, and perfectly acceptable as this is sitting on a Beetle pan, just awesome.





Steve Fraser’s Mk6 Golf has gone through a few different looks, but I think this is the best yet with the addition of the Rotiform DIA wheels. A major improvement!





I loved the ‘paint slap’ wrap on this Mk6 by Dub Customs. People thinking outside the box, good times. And let’s not forget, more centrelocks!




Fair play to Jay for running a square headlight set up on his E30, it’s one way to make the car unique!





The Mk1 turnout was staggering, with the allocated space for them becoming completely full up by mid morning.



I’ve got a lot of time for Corbyn Dickason’s Manila green example on Schmidt TH-Lines.



The PBMW-featured E12 528i that we saw last year was back, oozing retro coolness. Not to be mistaken for an E28…




One of my favourite cars of the year is HTS Motorsport‘s E30 Touring on air and black BBS RS wheels.



Taking a proper look around and I noticed the wire tucked smooth bay, colour coded to match the cream leather interior, a nice touch usually adopted in the VW scene. The HTS guys have even gone the extra mile and replaced the engine with an M52 lump, a lot more modern and reliable than the six pots originally installed in E30’s. Overall an awesome car.





So, another fantastic day out at Chalfont St Peter, and Westside still stays at the number one position as my favourite show of the season. With the amount of shows Slam Sanctuary attends, that’s saying something! It all goes down to the great ambience, tasteful music, delicious food and of course the best in West London’s show cars. It’s all you could want from a car show. I can’t wait for next year, keep up the good work.

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