Day in the bay at Meguiar's UK

Earlier this year, we were invited up to Meguiar's UK HQ in Daventry to experience a day in their detailing bay with car care expert, Dale Masterman. We took up our E24 635CSI and our friends Kustom Kolors' E21, both ideal candidates for Dale to demonstrate the basic techniques on keeping these freshly-painted cars in tip-top shape. Considering the large amount of car shows we had to attend with these cars during the year, keeping them clean and taking care of the paint after long road trips was absolutely crucial to show off Kustom Kolors' impeccable paint skills.

Lee's BMW E24 - Full Detail

We started with Lee's BMW 635CSI... After the 2-hour drive up to Meguiar's HQ, a full wash was required before we could get started inside the bay, Dale recommends using the Ultimate Wash & Wax shampoo.

The wheels were given a thorough cleaning with Ultimate Wheel Cleaner - applied to dry wheels and then rinsed.

Next step was to get the car into the detailing bay and dry it using Supreme Drying Towel's.

With the car completely dry, Dale set up the DA Microfibre system. 

The first step is to use the Correction Compound with Microfibre cutting pad to restore clarity to the paint. Dale showed us the various techniques on using the machine.

The second stage of the DA process uses Finishing Wax with a Microfibre Finishing Pad - this enhances the gloss and protects the paint.

Of course, we all had to get involved!

With a few hours spent on the DA process, we moved to the finishing touches, starting with Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner to bring more shine to the windows.

Endurance Tire Gel was then used to make the tyres pop - Dale told us that this can be used for either a satin finish, or glossy finish (by adding a second coat). It's super important to make sure the tyres are clean and dry before this is applied, to avoid sling.

Clearly, the results speak for themselves. The car looked absolutely incredible!

Lucy's BMW E21 - Show Prep

With the E21 previously polished (and already protected), Dale took us through the best method of cleaning the car on arrival to a car show. Possibly the best-ever invention for this is Meguiar's Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax Anywhere. Yep, no need for water and it won't damage your paint. This is applied over the car in a similar fashion as you would apply quick detailer. We now swear by this and use it at every event we attend.

Next, Mirror Bright Detailer and a finishing cloth were used, the perfect combination to enhance gloss and leave a streak-free finish.

And last but not least, we broke out the Endurance Tire Gel once again for that perfect sheen.


We had an awesome time in the bay, Dale is so full of knowledge which meant that we learned so much about how to professionally clean the cars. This was an experience that will certainly stick with us forever.

We aren't the only ones who are lucky enough to have our day in the bay... Meguiar's and Dale actually welcome anyone to spend a day with them and learn how to DA your car. If you have something cool, just drop an email to and they will try to fit you in.


More info on Meguiar's UK:
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