Dorset Volksfest 2014

 Words & Photos by Henry Phull


We’re all about supporting our local scene, and Dorset Volksfest happens to be our local show, back this year with their second ever show. This time we stepped things up and camped from Friday night until the Show & Shine on the Sunday. Being on our doorstep, it was highly satisfactory not having to drive for hours and back for a show like we do most weekends. It also meant all our friends came down to camp out and party with us. The venue in Canford Magna was an ideal location with awesome camping facilities and nonstop entertainment throughout the weekend, with live bands, BMX displays, traders and much more.


Being down the road also meant it was relatively easy to transport Pipeys’ Mk1 to the show in its unfinished state. You can read more about this build by clicking here.



This year the show and shine attracted a much wider variety of cars than the previous show. The organisers are certainly doing something right.




Being a local show, a lot of our friends came down to show support and meant we were able to photograph a lot of cool cars including Jack’s static slammed B2 Passat on Teledials.



This Type 3 Notchback caught our attention on Day 2 of Volksfest. Just right.






Chris Harper’s awesome Beetle picked up the Coltech Classics/Muttley Racing choice award and well deserved.




Robbie’s Mk1 Golf sitting nice and low on a set of SSR MK2r’s.




Jeremy did us proud and turned up in the Beetle.



Adam’s show-stopping Mk1 Jetta made an appearance…



In addition to Coltech Classic’s slightly different example.









Now one our favourite Mk1’s of all time, Adam’s Golf is back after a hell of a lot of work.








We were extremely happy to finally see Tom’s Mk1 Polo out at a show for the first time in a while.






Spencer’s slammed splitty is truly an amazing work of art.






The Jetta turnout was surprising, here’s another – Chris’ ex-Coltech Classics Mk1 looking hard as ever.



This was the first show this season that we’ve finally been able to catch James’ Scirocco, going all out with the custom splits as per usual!





It was cool to see some local traders getting involved, including VAS Works who had several of their cars on display including this Mk2 Golf.







We’ll leave you with this final shot of a super cool trophy made by Paul at Coltech Classics.



So, this year’s second year has come to a close for Richie and the rest of the organisers at Dorset Volksfest. Clearly they’ve certainly learnt a lot since their debut last year and it seems they are definitely on their way to success. Increasing attendees including full weekend campers and an impressive show and shine lineup on the final day means the show is going to keep growing. We personally highly recommended the whole weekend event if you’re up for an entertaining and chilled out experience with great people. Don’t miss it next year, even if you just come down for Sunday’s show and shine.

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