Early Edition 2014: Part 2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


As I mentioned in Part 1 of our Early Edition coverage, the show was absolutely packed with people and cars, so many in fact that I had to split the report into two parts. There was so much to see with such a variation of vehicles including a countless amount of non-VAG cars finally being appreciated. Walking around the show, of course I still heard a few people complaining that Edition38 is a VAG show despite them being outside the show anyway. If you don’t like it, move on, and let others enjoy a day out with other car enthusiasts! So, let’s take a look at some of my highlights from the lower and upper car parks at the venue…


Starting off with the FourSeasons Audi’s. B5 perfection right there.




This was pretty badass, an EOS with Scirocco front end conversion.



I was ecstatic to see this classic, a BMW 2002 looking elegant.





A familiar set of wheels from Ultimate Dubs…



You don’t come across Mk1 Polo’s that often, except for Famous James’ of course, so this was a nice surprise.



A bagged E46 rocking the new Rotiform VCE rims.




These Mazdaspeed wheels were awesome!




I’m a sucker for RF’s, yes they are popular, but as we saw the TT in Part 1 pulled them off as 18″, and here on this E46 they’ve been stepped up big time. Very cool.




A personal favourite B5 wagon, I had to wait about 10 minutes crouching down to get this shot with the amount of passers by.







Nice to see these two out together again, they make a great pair. Lovely clean examples of the E36 M3.



Later they were joined by two more…





An absolutely stunning E21 on air.






Both these guys are taking E46’s to the next level with seriously impressive static ride height.




There were also a few air cooled VW’s near the show entrance including this Beetle.




Moving on to the upper car park, there was even more variation to see.




Even a couple of nice Jap examples…




It’s always nice to see the LikeHell Mini, this year rocking new wheels!




It’s not often that you see these on anything other than a BMW, but this set of BBS RT splits seem to really suit the Mk3.






You’ll either love or hate Rota’s but I personally thought this E36 touring sat nicely on them.







Cool Fifteen52 TurboMac’s on this TT…




I’m not normally a roofbox fan but this “LOLVO” caught my eye with a few tasteful modifications.






Two nice examples of Rotiform IND usage, they seem to work on so many cars.






I’ve noticed that E39’s are becoming more popular this year already, perhaps people are getting inspired from Rich’s example we featured? Great to see.



That about concludes our Early Edition photo coverage. What a simply breathtaking turnout for the Edition38 guys, so thank you for having us. This was just the pre-show, I can’t begin to imagine what the main show and shine event will be like later in the year!

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