Edition38 Show & Shine 2017

Date: 1-3 September 2017
Location: Overstone Park, Northampton
Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Edition38 is the go-to weekender for anyone interested in Volkswagens (and all other VAG cars of course). Although the majority of show-goers tend to look forward to the camping and nightlife shenanigans, E38’s Show & Shine brings some of the highest quality cars from all over the UK and Europe (in fact, the Euro turnout seems to grow significantly year on year). Every time I drive into Overstone Park, I’m greeted to that distinctly chilled, summertime vibe which I’ve come to love… 2017’s event was no different. Albeit noticeably quieter than previous years, the showground was still full of some incredible metal which kept me occupied all day. With a live-stage providing music and inviting owners and their cars up to talk about their builds, there’s plenty going on in the background whilst you’re left to check out the cars in the sun. Check out my roundup below…


Jon Leonard’s 2.0TSI DSG-swapped Mk1 Golf swallowtail




Stuart Shellard’s Mk1 Golf swallowtail



Stuart Gray’s Mk5 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension & BBS Super RS’



Frank Granduc’s Volkswagen Arteon on Air Lift suspension & Vossen LC-105T’s



Matthias Niestroj’s 16v ABF Mk1 Golf on Ronal Racing wheels



Alex Lambert’s Mk2 Polo on Air Lift suspension & Compomotive Turbo’s



Max Edwards’ ’78 Beetle on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Tom Klein Gunnewiek’s static Mk1 Scirocco on Ronal Racing wheels




Eddy Chhlang’s Mk2 Golf GTI on BBS RS’



Guy Maes’ bagged Mk1 Golf on Rotiform FUC’s




Brendan Dolo’s Mk1 Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Autostrada Monza’s



Matty Loveridge’s Mk1 Golf swallowtail on Air Lift suspension



Marcel Klok’s Audi R8 on HPDrivetech / AccuAir suspension & BBS LM’s



Sam Grant’s Audi TTRS on Air Lift suspension & ADV.1 15’s




Chill Winston’s Mk1 Scirocco on Mad’in wheels




Sole Flavours’ widebody Mk4 Golf on AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX wheels



Syco Graphix’ bagged T5



George Wilson’s Volkswagen Polo 6N2 GTI on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



GRM Northampton’s Mk7 Golf R on H&R suspension & mbDESIGN LV1’s



Chris Wallis’ Mk5 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & OZ Futura’s




Tijs Van Breda’s Mk1 Derby on BBS E50’s






This year’s giveaway car!


If you’re into Volkswagens, then Edition38 still remains a must. As usual, this year’s event showed us an incredible mixture from the VAG back catalog with cars to cater for all modifying tastes… Whether you like squeeky-clean, or rat-look, or anything in between, E38 has it all, along with the camping, nightlife (dance tent), food & drink stalls, and heaps of traders. And guess what, they even raffle off a modified car each year! Still not been? Well, what have you been waiting for? Get it in your calendar for next year.





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