Frameslayers Summer Meet at Southsea

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


I can imagine that putting on your first meet would be a daunting task. Will people turn up? Will the quality of vehicles be to a high standard? These would be my qualms, so when I heard our friends over at FrameSlayers were organising their first ever meet up, I was curious. The whole event included meeting up first at Beaconsfield Services on the M40 and to convoy all the way down to Southsea in Portsmouth. As we’re based in Bournemouth, we decided to meet everyone at the finish line to check out some of the cars. It’s fair to say that the turnout was awesome, with a genuinely cool selection of cars. The guys must be overjoyed.



Instead of your typical ‘car park’ meet, a whole road was taken over with cars parked up all over the place. It really was quite a sight!



This bagged M135i was a highlight for me.





Rich tagged along with me in his static E39.



And it’s always a pleasure to bump in to our friend Tallis and his bagged E36 M3 cab, looking awesome as usual.




There was a cool selection of Mk2 Golf’s around.




The guys from HavAir came down in their Boxster and Cabby…



Joey, one of the main men behind FrameSlayers, was down in his static 190E. Yeah, static.




Along with Jack’s awesome Mk2 that we shot back at Stonor Park a few months ago.



Nick made an appearance in the M3, along with the guys from Studio Incar in a variety of epic cars.



Mark’s Beetle was sitting incredibly well. Another highlight for me.



Seeing the street taken over like this for a few hours was just amazing.



I’m always pleased when I come across an E34, especially when it’s a 540.




The E24 was there of course. Hopefully she’ll be on the floor soon… we have some work to do.




Later on in the evening we were graced with an incredible sunset, making for some absolute automotive porn. I hope you enjoy!



This manila green Mk1 Golf was stunning, really well executed.





The Studio Incar M3 stole the show (as it often does), when Nick arrived and treated us to a little burnout.



Steve’s Mk6 Golf was looking real good, and seeing a static one makes a change.





This Scirocco was looking mean with its murdered out look, rocking some black 3SDMs.





I’ll finish with Steve’s 190E Cosworth. I’m so happy I was able to capture such a car in this light.



So as you have seen, it was a phenomenal turnout for FrameSlayers. They must be stoked with their first event. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what they’ve got planned next. In a way these sorts of events can be even better than car shows. This was one of those.

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