Location: Queen Square, Bristol
Date: 14 June 2015
Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


Another month and another early start which can only mean another outing to Queen Square, hosted by the Avenue Drivers Club. Setting off from a bit further afield this time, so a little earlier than usual, and in convoy with Lee Johns in his Honda CRX, we made our way into Bristol for another Sunday morning of cars.



Lee’s CRX has been off the road getting an overhaul including a full re-spray in its original Frost White and this weekend was its first big venture to both Players Classic (click here to check out our coverage!) and Queen Square.



Ferrari Testarossa, these wheels haven’t aged a bit, splits and polished dish. Who’d have thought that would ever become popular..



It’s not just about exteriors, sometimes it’s worth having a quick look inside and you never know what quirky interior is hiding.



911’s will always be my favourite at any show/meet, no exception here with this ’89 911 Turbo and subtle addition of clear indicator lenses.



Some people regard the 928 as the ‘uglier’ Porsche but this one, the S2, produces over 300BHP from it’s V8 engine. That’s not bad straight out of the factory in the mid 80’s!



Tom Harris and Laura Hunt from The Motorworks in Gloucester bought their MK2 Golf with its freshly built 2.0L 16v engine on Yamaha R1 carbs, custom inlet, Omex management and a one off radiator from the guys at Forge Motorsport.




These crazy wheels immediately drew me towards this Ford Model A.



I’m still yet to see anything that looks out of place in the square, this Ford Consul fits right in.



Who needs a bonnet? This hot rod Ford Model T with a 5.3 V12 Jaguar engine sure does not!




Don’t think I’ve seen a Jaguar XK R-S in person before, it’s big but looks purposeful.



We last saw this BMW E10 equipped with a M60 V8 back in April’s coverage although you might not recognise it as it’s gone from primer grey with flames down one side to this rather fetching orange. It certainly catches your eye now!




One that hasn’t changed since we last saw it in last month’s coverage is Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5, still looking great as ever.



Okay, so maybe the XK R-S wasn’t that big after all.. This Ford F350 Super Duty made everything else look like a toy!



Looking straight out of the 80’s was this Ford Escort RS 1600.



One of my favourite Lotus’, the Esprit. Love the side profile on this thing.



More orange on show on this Reliant Scimitar GTE.



Jamie Ray’s Mercedes W124 on hydraulics made its debut outing after being off the road for five years.



Pretty cool way to advertise a business on the side of this 1952 Chevrolet Pick-up. The brown against the white wall tyres looked awesome.



A Noble M12 GTO looking raring to go.



I have a slight emotional attachment to this car as this very Honda CRX, now owned by Adam Galt, used to be mine and was probably my favourite car I’ve owned to date! It looks quite a bit different now but it was good to see it again since I sold it well over a year ago.



As we’ve learned from our previous visits to Queen Square, it always brings out the rare and cool BMW’s. This month was this gorgeous Alpina E12 B7S Turbo. It was a little rough around the edges but car of the morning for me.




This gunmetal grey Nissan Skyline R32 was literally perched on the curb on a popular wheel of choice, Rota Grids.



By no means is the Mk2 Golf GTI a particularly rare and expensive classic but there’s still something about a clean and unmolested one that does it for me.



Sometimes you need that wind in your hair to wake you up on a Sunday morning!



We had a nice chat with the owner of this E30 M3 and he kindly let me know where I could get my original rear window dealer sticker for my E30 re-made which was very helpful. He’s such a perfectionist but so worth it. This was immaculate and he drives it too as he’s a bit nervous about it getting damaged being loaded on to a trailer and to be honest, I think I would be as well!




Finally, a tidy little BMW E28 making it’s way towards the exit of the way one system around the square.



I don’t mean to repeat myself every month but I’m still amazed at the variation the Queen Square meet brings each month. I learn something new every time! This month’s was probably the quietest I’ve been to so far, but there was still a great deal to look at and with it being the weekend of Le Mans I suspect a majority of regulars headed off early to go and catch the finish, it was definitely on in my house when I got home! Let’s wait and see what next month’s will bring.. In the meantime you can still go and check out April and May’s coverage for some more of the Queen Square’s diverse following.

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