ROLLHARD: The Show 2017

Date: 13 August 2017
Location: Cressing Temple Barns, Braintree, Essex
Words & Photos by Henry Phull


When you’ve got an idyllic venue in the Essex countryside, tied with an incredible selection of show cars, it was no surprise that RollHard’s first show at Cressing Temple Barns was going to be a huge hit. However, I’m not sure anyone, including RH themselves, were under the impression that 2017’s show would be so popular that they’d have to close the gates half way through the day because it was so busy. To outgrow a venue in year two of an event is quite something, so props to them. Of course, this led to some nightmare traffic and parking situations for some people – but what do you expect when more people than they had anticipated turn up? (I think the majority of show-goers that turned up on time were okay, though). The quality of cars on display at this year’s show was something else and right up there in terms of quality and pure variation. There was also an impressive turnout of Europeans who decided to make the trip over – it’s always cool to see cars we don’t see often! If you’re an avid reader of Slam Sanctuary, you’ll know we’re big fans of classics cars… well, RollHard 2017 was an absolute haven for them. Anyway, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking… Sit back and enjoy.


Wessel Renken’s bagged 1968 Volvo Amazon 133GT on American Racing wheels




Bastiaan Trienen’s static BMW E28 on BBS RS’



Karel Spijker’s Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on Air by OCD / Air Lift suspension & OZ Futura’s



Aitzol Hernandez’s bagged BMW E30 Touring on OZ Futura’s



Micheal Evans’ Lexus LS on Air Lift suspension & WORK Durandal DD5.2’s



Jordan Saunders’ Mazda RX7 on AirREX / Air Lift suspension & SSR Professor’s



Juan van Oversteyns’ BMW E28 525i on D2 Racing coilovers & stepped-up BBS RS’s



James Dandridge’s ’48 Chevy pickup on AccuAir suspension & Cragar wheels



Eden Cayless’ Volkswagen Type2 on Gotti’s




Julian Göttschkes’ Audi 100LS on HP Drivetech/AccuAir suspension



Gursh Chohan’s BMW E30 cabriolet on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS



James Brown’s Mercedes-Benz 190E on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform MBZ’s



Mike Neck’s Volkswagen Mk2 Golf on BBS RF’s



Stewart Davis’ BMW E30 Touring on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform RSE‘s



Stuart Connell’s Volkswagen Mk2 Golf G60 on Air Lift suspension & BBS E87’s




Georgia Barker-Wright’s Lupo on Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister CR01’s



Jan-Eric Géugis’ BMW E24 635CSI on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s



Ben Anson’s BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS



Joe P’e’s Volkswagen T25 pickup on hydraulic suspension & Rotiform CCV’s



Connor Hollamby’s Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s


(Click here to check out our feature on Connor’s 190E)


Scott Paterson’s static BMW E36 Touring on Throwing Stars



Meguiar’s Ford Crown Victoria on Air Lift suspension



Leroy Goddard-Fletcher’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W126 on custom Mercedes Intra splits



Beinn Dale Goodchild’s static Polo Coupe



Conor Auld’s BMW E34 525i Sport on Air Lift suspension & ACS Type2’s




Carlos Gomez’ BMW E36 on Air Lift suspension & OZ Futura’s



Jamie Warne’s BMW E31 840ci on Air Lift suspension & custom-built 3pc Alpina’s




Dub-it’s Volkswagen Type2 on hydraulic suspension



Christian Canning’s Porsche Cayman on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform RSE‘s



Jon Lawrence’s Audi B5 S4 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform IND’s



Alex Radford’s BMW E23 728i on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Jay Fairgrieve’s Volkswagen Corrado VR6 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Auto Finesse’s BMW F80 M3 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & ADV.1 wheels



Matthew Hartle’s Mercedes-Benz W202 on suspension & Brabus wheels



Dan Handley’s Toyota Corolla AE86 on SSR Mk2’s



RollHard have got this selection process down to a t. As you’ve seen, the cars were certainly special… Loads of marques with room for all styles and tastes. Personally, I hope that they stick with this venue in the future, if it’s a possibility. Cressing Temple Barns is one of the most laid-back, beautiful, and quirky locations for a static car show. I love all the different areas, some secluded, and some wide open – plus the historic barns themselves. It makes walking around a static show that extra bit more enjoyable and special. There was also a great variety of trade stands, with plenty of ice cream and food & drink establishments to keep everyone happy (although I was gutted that there was no jerk chicken this time around, sort it out guys!). I’m looking forward to seeing what RollHard do with future UK events, I’m sure they’ve had plenty to learn from this year. It can only get better!





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