Dorset Volksfest 2013

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


The last weekend of July saw the arrival of a new Volkswagen show, Dorset Volksfest. From what I gathered, the idea was to provide a show for the Dorset locals who don’t want to travel up the country for similar events. Volksfest is a very family oriented car show, there were plenty of families and kids running about the place, hence the vibe was very chilled out. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon when I decided to check out the show.



Now let me get something straight… On my arrival it was clear that this is a bus/camper oriented show – this is not surprising as the show offers two days camping and for bus owners this is the perfect opportunity to show off your pride and joy. For the Slam Sanctuary audience I tried to highlight vehicles our reader’s would be more interested in, and from what I’ve noticed campers are not at the top of this list, so here’s a few cars that stood out.



As well as the buses, there was a decent variation of VW’s on display, including a whole host of Beetles.


Plus this slammed Citroen…



And of course a few Caddys.



This Mk1 Golf was looking good, owned by Paul at Coltech Classics who has just put it up for sale.




…Even a Lupo can look incredible just with a little drop!



Probably one of the newest cars at the show, this Up! on Merc wheels. A nice little touch was the decal on the rear that had been renamed to “Down!”, very appropriate.





A Mk2 Golf GTI also spotted at The German Show last weekend.



A Polo showing off it’s new paint job courtesy of Kustom Kolors in Christchurch. Top job.



Mark Allen’s Mk4 Golf estate with Bora front end on air.






James McCaffery’s Mk1 Polo is always a crowd favourite.




Something a bit different, a Mk1 Golf on a Beetle pan that won “Best air cooled” award.



This thing is seriously crazy. Expect a full feature in the near future and you can see all the work that has gone into this car.



The OZ Futura’s really set this Mk3 off nicely.




This Mk2 was looking immaculate, something about this just caught me – tastefully done indeed.




The winner of “Best Beetle” looking sparkly.



On my way out I stumbled across this RS4 Avant, looking totally standard, but still, what a machine!



So, let me conclude.. This was a small show – but don’t forget this was Volksfest’s first year – they did well considering, especially as the Sunday shares the same date as All Dubs (an absolutely huge VW show). I only hope after the success of this year Volksfest continues to grow into something even bigger and better. I am looking forward to next year!

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