Dorset Volksfest 2015

Location: Wareham, Dorset
Date: 11 July 2015
Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Here at Slam Sanctuary we try and support anything local whenever we can (for those who don’t know, that’s the Bournemouth/Poole general area), especially when it’s in the form of a car show! Dorset Volksfest (DVF) has been running for the past two years now, and we’ve been there to cover both shows. It’s a nice chance for us to discover the local treasures that are surprisingly on our doorstep. Watching a small show like DVF grow has been truly awesome, with the organisers upgrading everything this year with a bigger and better venue located in Wareham. Essentially a three day event, it’s definitely a good one to go to with the family or a bunch of mates and make a camping weekend out of it – with some stunning Volkswagens thrown in of course! This year we only managed to make it down on the Saturday, before the actual Show & Shine, but there was still an awesome selection of cars dotted about the campsite and show area. Here are the highlights…


The guys from First ‘n’ Last Dub Club (FNL) made the trip up from Cornwall with a tasty selection of air-cooled cars and buses.


Jack Dunstan’s bagged Beetle sitting on banded steels


Aaron Campion’s LT28 camper on air suspension


Morgan Hall’s 1968 Westy with banded rear steels, narrowed front beam and air ride


Pete’s bay window camper


This year there was an influx of quality trade stands to keep everyone busy throughout the weekend, including The Wheel Specialist-Bournemouth, Canford Classics and VAS Works to name a few…


The Wheel Specialist – Bournemouth’s display cars – Si’s Mk1 Caddy & James’ Mk1 Polo


James McCafferey’s rare DKW F12


One of Canford Classics’ many early Porsche 911’s


Leroy Goddard-Fletcher’s Audi S4 Avant on Bentley wheels, bagged by VAS Works


VAS Works’ Mk2 Golf GTI


Adam Hodge’s Audi TT on Stillstatic/H&R coilovers & 20″ ETA BETA Venti-R’s




Lee Curtis’ 1962 Beetle, nicknamed ‘Purple Haze’, originally built in the early 80’s and currently being recommissioned with a 1300cc engine, new pans, heater channels, brakes and lines, and much more.



Adam Hutching’s static Mk1 Jetta on 16″ Stern 3pc splits


Jamie Carter’s 1988 Nissan Laurel with a Skyline RB25DET-swapped motor now running 402hp thanks to a Holset HX35 turbo


Coltech Classics’ 1930 Ford Model A pickup


Pipey McGraw’s ex-police 1952 split-oval (Zwitter) Beetle, slammed on hydraulic suspension and a 3″ narrowed beam



Loz Brush’s Type3 Fastback


 A stunning Porsche 356 Speedster replica


Although we missed the Show & Shine, DVF3 has no doubt been the biggest show yet, with the camping field completely packed with friends and families making a holiday of it. In addition to the cars, plenty of trade stands, amusements, food and drink areas were there to keep everyone happy. For a weekender it’s not to be missed!


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