Edition38 Show & Shine 2013

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Last Sunday I headed up to Overstone Park in Northampton, and after sitting in some unpleasant Silverstone traffic, arrived at Edition38 – no doubt the biggest VAG show of the year. This was actually my first time at Edition so I was amazed at the sheer size of the event and the amount of people wandering around whilst driving through the gates. The tunes were blasting out from the Show n Shine stage so it felt like a music festival on top of a mecca for VW fans. I’ve really tried to cram a lot of photos into this one, so apologies if you suffer from a slow connection.


I’ll kick things off with these stunning cars on the Players / Milestone 71 / Black Sheep Belgium stands.



Check out the Players Avant on a set of bright Rotiform splits. It was certainly drawing in the crowds so had to wait quite a while for this shot!




The stage is a nice touch to the show, with cars and award winners coming up throughout the day for a chat with the owners plus the traders had a chance to plug their businesses and get people involved. In between they had some good music playing, so if you got fed up of wandering around the cars you could always sit back on the grass with a pint and enjoy the onstage entertainment.




It’s nice to see people thinking outside the box, check out this Mk4 on Jag wheels.



…and a Mk2 on Land Rover rims, pretty cool!




I haven’t snapped too many of the modern cars, but I’m quite liking what people are doing with these Up!’s







Our friends at Forge Motorsport were repping hard as always with their trade stand, so of course I had to get another cheeky shot of their Mk1 weapon.




Now I won’t go in to the whole bags/static argument right now, but it was refreshing to see a static Mk5 Golf, sitting here on BBS CHs.





I loved this B5 Avant on Porsche splits.



This Mk1 was incredibly tidy and looked just right in this colour.





This R32 was pretty special.



Check out the camber and dish on Freddie’s Civic.



This Mercedes was magnificent, it was just as tidy inside as it looks on the outside. We need to see more retro stuff like this slammed. Please guys, more of this.




I’m a big fan of Jettas, this Mk1 was sitting nicely.



…but Louis’ Mk2 below has to be one of my favourite cars of the day, it just looks spot on.






These X5 wheels on the Mk4 were crazy shiny.



Another stand-out for me, Matty’s Mk1 Golf on BBS RF splits.







The paint job on this Mk1 looked impressive and fits well with the dark centered OZ Turbos.




If you have been following Slam Sanctuary you will know that I am an avid BMW fan, so obviously I went on a hunt for some, with great success…







A pretty crazy race-spec Audi Quattro.



This Mk2 Golf was sitting perfectly.



You don’t see too many bagged E46’s…



This Merc was impressive, sitting really nicely with colour coded split rims.



I’m not usually a Mini fan, but this was very tasteful.



There were a few new Beetle’s, most on Bentley rims, but this one looked awesome on Vossen CV3s.








I was lucky enough to hitch a ride to the show and back in Rich’s E39, newly slammed and sitting on a set of E60 Style32s.



Another favourite of mine, this E21 on Gottis. Just wow.




I really have no words for this Mk1, just that it was incredible. My car of the show.



Before leaving the show I headed over to the exit of Overstone Park to catch a few cars on their way out.








So this was my first experience of Edition38, and I was impressed. I’ll certainly be back next year – not one to be missed again!

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