Forge Motorsport Action Day 2013

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Last weekend I headed down to Castle Combe race circuit in Wiltshire for the 3rd Annual Forge Action Day, which is run by the folks at Forge Motorsport. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never attended one of their action days before. On arrival it was clear that there was something for everyone, a really mixed show, which is always good. I’ve photographed vehicles that hopefully you, our audience, will enjoy!


The majority of the show was situated in the pit area of the track, which meant you could be right in the middle of everything going on. In addition to the show cars on display, there were multiple track sessions taking place throughout the day, so there were constantly cars lining up, pitting, and getting ready for a blast around the circuit.



The cars on track were also mixed up, from Mk2 Golfs to old school Fords.




In the paddock area there were various trade stands to keep you busy.




Some very tasty E92 M3s…





It was nice to be able to get so close to some of the team cars, such as CP Racing’s RX7 below.



This was pretty insane – the Monster Energy Pikes Peak Ford RS200.






Pipey’s Mk1 Golf representing Slam Sanctuary on the Wheel Whores stand.



Joined by Harvey Fulford’s immaculate Porsche 944.




An ‘Action day’ wouldn’t be complete without the sighting of an AE86.








This Audi Quattro LWB was one of my cars of the show… a lovely restoration job done on it. The Ronal wheels look spot on.



It was seriously clean, just check out that engine bay.




Closer to the track I got closer to some of the drift team pits…




…Because drift car.




The Falken team prepping their cars.



And onto a bit of drift action, my favourite part of the day.





This was a popular sight throughout the pits, following the drift sessions. These tyres belong to the Huxley Motorsport Volvo V8.



I first saw this Mk1 Golf back at Retro Rides, and it’s still looking as good as ever with its V8 transplant.




I’m growing on these new Beetles, this one has been done very tastefully.




The Players RS4 Avant was drawing in the crowd as always, thanks to the bright pink Rotiform splits.



A pretty clean Skyline spotted in one of the club stands.



As well as this B5 S4 Avant on Merc wheels.



An F10 M5, a pity it was not going around the track!






So to summarise, a day for everyone to enjoy. If you like motorsport and cars in any form, there was something for you here. The drifting was spectacular and I’d recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work, Forge.

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