Uxbridge Auto Show 2015 with 'The Custom Cars'

Location: Uxbridge, West London
Date: 19 July 2015
Words & Photos by Henry Phull


I don’t know if it’s just me, but seeing the same cars every weekend can get a little tedious. Time to expand the horizons and check out some different shows then… Dips and the guys at The Custom Cars mentioned they were attending this year’s Uxbridge Auto Show with a big stand of theirs and friends BMW’s. I was instantly sold… The show is a well-known West London family charity event put on by The Rotary Club at Uxbridge and open to all cars and clubs, with a large classic following. However, for me the day was a lot more BMW-orientated! Staying up in West London the night before, I was able to meet up with everyone early on the Sunday morning at Custom Cars HQ in Hayes. We then all drove up to the show in Uxbridge together in a convoy of over 20 modified BMW’s, with more meeting us later at the showground. Dips organised one of the biggest stands of the day, so here are my highlights and a few favourites from the rest of the show…



Tej Bajwa’s static Santorini Blue E30 M3 on AC Schnitzer split rims



Nick Sahota’s S54-swapped E30 M3 on Air Lift suspension and Bugatti 3pc centrelock wheels



Performance BMW Magazine’s E39 540i on Air Lift suspension & 19″ OZ Superleggera III’s


Atlantis Blue E46 M3 on Racing Dynamic wheels


Bhups Gill’s M52 E30 320i on BBS Style5’s


Dips Amin’s bagged Ruby Red E46 M3 ‘vert


Richard Ansari’s static E46 M3 on 18″ OZ Mito Type 1’s



Kos Loizou’s E24 635CSi


Rash & Tej Bajwa’s E34 M5


Alpine White E28 Alpina B9 3.5


Sandeep Gill’s E30 325i chromie ‘vert on Schmidt TH-Line’s


Indy Dhillon’s M50 E30 Touring


Sukhi Kang’s static Mercedes W114 on wires


So that sums up The Custom Cars stand, Here are a few more cars that caught my eye throughout the rest of the show…


E12 528i on Style5’s


E34 Alpina B10 BiTurbo (535i)



E34 525i Touring on ACS split rims


E34 M5 finished in Avus Blue with M Parallel’s


E28 M535i on Borbet Type B’s


Ben Lander’s E46 M3 ‘vert on stepped-up 3pc Hartge’s


Steven Taylor’s static E46 M3 running square set up 19″ OEM wheels


George Assi’s E24 635CSi on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’s



Kav Bhamra’s bagged Volkswagen Mk2 Rallye on BBS RS’s



Tom Martin’s Porsche 964 Carrera 4 on 18″ BBS E28’s


1962 Cadillac Coupe









If you are looking for a family oriented car show with a whole mixture of activities, food, bars, trade stands and cars, Uxbridge is definitely one that should be on your list for next year. Although I’ve focused mainly on the BMW’s and lowered cars (as is mandatory over here..) you should be able to tell that there was a wide variation of classic cars. The only sort of show I can compare it to is Wheels Day. If that’s your sort of thing, check it out. A final big thanks to Dips at The Custom Cars for having us on his stand for the day.



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