Westside Treffen 2013

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Westside VW, one of the last shows of the season, returned this year to Chalfont St. Peter in Buckinghamshire. I’d been looking forward to this one, it’s always a nice chilled out day with plenty of quality on display – this year did not disappoint. Luckily the weather was on our side and the sun was shining! Chalfont St. Peter Cricket Club with its freshly mowed lawn was a perfect venue to host the gathering of some of Germany’s finest exports.


I never get tired of admiring Jason Buckley’s Mk1, it must be that colour combo – stunning!



There was a nice turnout of Mk2s, including this GTI rocking Brock B1s.




This Caddy sounded real nice.



The last time I saw this 964 cab was at Players Classic, such a lovely example.




This was a VW show in essence, but I was amazed with the quantity of BMWs in attendance.



One of my all time favourite E21s, Ben Anson’s bagged example.




This tidy red E30 I snapped back at Players, which sounded like it’s running a V8. Tasty!



A few Jap cars were also on display, including this bagged Honda Integra DC2 on Gotti wheels. This combination works so well.



A nice classic Celica.





Nice colour on this E32 and Alpina splitter to match.



Rich Weller’s E39 Sport sitting well on E60 Style 32s.




Mark Allen’s bagged Mk4 Golf estate with Bora front end conversion.





Caught James having a little clean of his immaculate Mk1 Polo.



I loved this Mk1 Golf…



..and the colour of this one is not something you see every day, with banded steels to compliment.





Sam Ratcliffe’s awesome E46 M3 now running a square set up. Looking hard!





A personal favourite, Audi 80 Sport.





Whether you prefer static or air, there were plenty of both to keep everyone happy…




A slightly camouflaged Mk1 Polo…





Hartge splits looking incredible on this E92.








A nice E36 cab sitting on Throwing Stars.





It was great to see this E12 528i again. This is E12 perfection.





There isn’t much to say about this M3, other than amazing!




Lovely paint job on this E36 touring…



There we have it.. and I’ll say it, this has been my favourite show of the year so far. The venue, size and atmosphere were all spot on. I want to thank the organisers as well for actually booking proper food stalls, there was some amazing food being served, so well done! Not the usual burger van rubbish… other shows take note!


There’s not many shows left now for the remainder of this year. We’re now excited for Show & Glow coming up in a few weeks, hope to see you there!

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