Players 7.0

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Players has become known as one of the biggest car shows of the year to many enthusiasts nationally and overseas. This year marked their seventh year running, and my gosh has it got big… Everyone had been hoping that the weather would hold off, as the days leading up to the Sunday had been dreadful. On arrival at North Weald Airfield, the clouds were hovering but luckily it stayed dry for the majority of the morning. A few showers here and there luckily didn’t put people off, as the attendance was phenomenal. People were being turned down to the show and shine because it was so busy.



Speedhunters had their own hangar with several cars on display and photoshoots going on in the background. Check out the Mk1 Golf with R32 transplant above that was also seen at Edition38.


This RX-7 was looking seriously mean.




This Mercedes was one of my show favourites, it was immaculate with an interior to match.




I saw this bagged E46 back at DC13 earlier in the year, it’s now rocking some new shoes, BBS RFs.



If you’ve been to a car show in the UK, you’ve probably seen this 635CSI, I never get tired of this beautiful car.



Two of Audi’s finest on the Airlift Performance stand.





I was impressed with this static E36, those are the lows we like to see.







Adrian May’s tough R32 on the Wheel Whores stand.



On the Vabric stand, check out the Mk1 Jetta sitting on BBS RFs…



and Pipey’s static Mk1 Golf.



Opposite was the Low Standards’ stand with their Mk2 Golf.





These two Mercs were very tastefully modified.



Further into the Show and Shine area, I ran into Ben Koflach’s E36 Touring, featuring a set of old school BTCC Rays wheels and the latest addition, an S54 engine from an E46 M3. Wow!





I’ve snapped Tallis Godfrey’s E36 cab a few times at shows, but I’d not seen it with the hard top fitted. What can I say, I love this car!











Nice to see a set of Advan 3 spokes, looking awesome on this A3.




Toyota Celica sitting well on Rotas, a healthy drop and de-spoilered. Win win.







An E30 cab rocking a set of E34/E31 M-System’s.




The amber sides on this E39 really make the car!





Chris Newton’s Mk2 with BBS fans, stunning! He took home the Wheel Whores ‘Best Wheels’ award.



Perhaps a familiar sight for some of you? Poor E36… the things we do for lows.





I’ve not seen such a nice Mk3 in a while…





I’m a sucker for E34’s, especially when they are low like this 525tds.



Jack Waller’s supercharged R32.





I love the RollHard E91 M-Sport Touring, sitting pretty on a set of Squared wheels.



This little Lupo was rocking the steelies. Loving the wing artwork too, not overdone like so many examples.







Our E46 Touring, still a work in progress!



Kingsley Black’s bagged Passat on Rotiforms.



Unfortunately the rain decided to arrive in the afternoon and people started to leave. I don’t blame them, it was cold and wet.. but did give me the opportunity to snap a few cars leaving.










Despite the typically British weather, I enjoyed my day at Players. Splitting the show into several areas – two hangars, tarmac outside the hangars and then the huge show and shine area meant there was plenty to look at and keep busy. See you next year!

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