Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 3: Outdoors

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Continuing from Part 2 of our Ultimate Dubs coverage, it’s time to take some air and have a look at what the car park had to offer. Weather wise, it was an absolutely stunning day, which meant a lot of the show goers were spending most of their time outdoors to explore the cars and to just generally hang out with friends. I highlighted a few non-VAG cars indoors, continuing more so here as the variety outdoors was a mixed bag. I’ve taken focus on a few BMWs, Mercs and a selection of classic air cooled stuff that stood out to me, a real treat – and hopefully you agree.



The first car that stood out for me was this tornado red R32, on Rotas and static. An impressive ride height which is something you just don’t seem to see that often on Golfs of this age unless they’re on air.





The guys from FourSeasons have kicked off the year hard with an eye catching trio of cars, including Thom’s E46 sitting really nicely on BBS RF splits.



…and Steven’s stunning B5 S4 with a healthy drop. You should hear this too, very loud!



Standing out with an E36 has become tough practice, given the popularity of the model. Josh however has pulled it off with his 328i, adding a set of Carline CM6’s and a crazy bit of rear camber.




This 911 appeared to be parked up here throughout the show, a shame it wasn’t more involved in the show as its a lovely example.



Taking Scirocco’s to the next level…



I had a bit of a moment finally seeing Ian and Shaun’s E36 M3’s in person. Both are extremely tidy and look stunning parked up together. Hopefully they’ll make this a regular occurrence at shows this year!





“Miss Piggy” hanging out with a bunch of cool B5s.




The colour coded lips work nicely on this Golf.




One car that had people breaking necks throughout his entrance was Muhammed’s retro cool Mercedes 190e. It doesn’t get much better than this.




Another car I’d been admiring online was Jas’ E38 so I was ecstatic to see it parked up.





This Speedster coupe was a nice surprise!





A good 5-10 minutes were spent taking in this awesome Beetle, done right.



The same goes for this Type 2, which immediately attracted a huge crowd of admirers whilst it was parking up.




The E36 theme continues, with Kaz’s static example. One of my favourites from Players last year.



One of my cars of the show was this Notchback. Utter perfection.




That concludes our photo coverage of Ultimate Dubs. There’s been an amazing selection of cars and the standard was simply jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings – people definitely have their work cut out to better some of these cars. I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at UD for having us, a fantastic start to 2014.

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